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Printer Installation under Apple MAC OSX 10.5 & 10.6
Posted by Marko Lipovec (Import), Nazadnje spremenjeno s strani MatjažS Admin on 03 May 2016 02:12 PM

Printer Installation under Apple MAC OS X 10.5

Prepare Installation

Before installing a Kyocera Driver for MAC OSX, you have to make sure, which version of MAC OSX is used on your Apple Macintosh System, because for different OS versions, you need different Kyocera Installers Packages.


Do not use a Driver Packages that does not match your installed MAC OSX Version, otherwise you can run into big trouble.

First step to find the version of the MAC OSX Operating System is to click the Apple icon at the left side of your Finder Desktop, and then click on “About this Mac“.
The following information will be shown:
To install a driver for this Apple Macintosh, you need the Kyocera Driver Installer for MAC OSX 10.5.3.

If MAC OSX 10.5.x is used, you have to choose the Kyocera Installer for MAC OSX 10.5 for the TaskAlpha devices!!! This is the newest driver and all other Kyocera Models are included in this Driver Installer Package.


Don’t use the model dependent Kyocera Installer for other devices, because you will run into a Rights Issue. The other Installers can not copy the PPD Files to the correct Folder. The needed right “Write” is missing.

Starting Setup

Download the Kyocera MAC OSX Driver from the Website:

The HQX File will automatically expand, when you download the driver. Change the directory to your Download Folder, and start the installation by click on the Kyocera Installer. The following dialog will pop up.
Enter User and Password to start the installation. Press “Continue” within the next dialog.
Accept the License Agreement by pressing the “Accept” button.
After this, select the type of installation: Easy Install or Custom Install ( default ). Reason: normally, you don’t need all PPDs. So you can select the correct Kyocera model, you want to install.

Press “Continue” to select the Kyocera model you wish to install.
The installation starts copying files.
After the installation is finished, you can close the Installer or Set Up additional Kyocera Drivers for MAC OSX.
The driver software is now installed.

Set up Printer using Print Center

Now, the installed Printer Driver and Printer can be set up. To perform this action, the Print Center will be used.
Click the Apple icon at the left side of your Finder Desktop, then click on “Preferences“.
The preferences window will open. Click the "Print and Fax" icon to install the Kyocera Printer or MFP to MAC OSX.
The Print and Fax dialog opens. Click + to add a Kyocera Printer to the MAC OSX System 10.5.3.
Set up the Kyocera Printer / MFP as follow

1.) Protocol: Line Printer Daemon LPD
2.) Address: IP Address of the Kyocera Printer / MFP
3.) Queue: First logical Printer Queue in the Network Card of the Kyocera Device (lp1)
4.) Name: give your device a name
5.) Location: fill in the location of the Kyocera Printer / MFP
The CUPS System of MAC OSX will find the Kyocera Printer or MFP automatically and will install the PPD for the correct device, click “Add” to install the Kyocera Printer or MFP.


Only Postscript will be supported ( KPDL ). The device you would like to use must be set up in Fixed KPDL Mode. The Automatic Emulation Switch Mode AES ( KPDL AUTO ) can not be used. Otherwise the installation of the device will fail.

Set up Printer Options

After you have pressed the “Add” button, you can set up the options of your Kyocera Printer or MFP device, e.g. Paper Feeders or Finishing Options.
Possible installable Options

  • Paper Feeders 1,2,3,4
  • Mailbox
  • Punch Unit
  • Folding Unit
  • Document Finisher: 1000 or 3000 pages
  • Optional Disk: Hard Disk or Ram Disk
  • Memory: depending on the Kyocera Model

After setting up the hardware options, click “Continue” to finish the Installation.

Finish Installation

The Kyocera Printer / MFP is successfully installed in MAC OSX 10.5, when you get the following dialog from Print and Fax:
Finally, you can share the printer by checking the “Share this Printer” box and open the installed Print Queue by clicking the “Open Print Queue” button

The Print Queue dialog:
Installation successfully finished. Printer waiting for Print Jobs.

If you click the Info Button and select “Supply Levels”, you will get information about the CMYK toner level.

Test Installation

Test your installation by using any program to print, for example the Picture Preview Tool from MAC OSX.
If you get a correct printout, the test of the Kyocera Driver and Queue Installation was successful.

 Mac_Driver_PCL_Mode_Setup_Guide.pdf (1.88 MB)
 MacDriver3SoftwareGuide.pdf (633.62 KB)
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